The 1501 15th Street Planning Commission Hearing has been moved to Thursday, October 6, 2011, at City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 400.   

Project Description:
A vacant lot on the southwest corner of 15th Street and South Van Ness is about to undergo a major change. The corner of 15th Street and South Van Ness is currently under utilized and pedestrian traffic is very minimal. The proposed building will activate the corner with much needed pedestrian traffic and greenery. The commercial retail uses on the ground floor will serve the needs of the neighbors.

The proposed building consists of 40 residential units, 9000 square feet of neighborhood-serving commercial retail and 39 off-street parking spaces. There will be 7 affordable units provided with this building as well.

The project team would like to hear from the neighbors about the proposed project. Please join us to suggest possible uses for the ground floor retail and provide general comments about the proposed building.

Parcel Size: 14,100 sq ft
Zoning: UMU
Height: 58 ft
Unit Types: 40 total (8-Studios, 8-1BR, 24-2BR)
Commercial: 5 spaces totalling 9681 sq ft
Parking: 39 spaces (36 residential and 3 commercial)

Please email us with any questions or comments: info@1501-15thStreet.com. If you wish to be included in our mailing list for this project, please include "Add me to 1501 15th Street project mailing list" in the body of your email.